George Hughes is a singer/songwriter with an acoustic rock edge.  His music melds a lifetime of eclectic influences ranging from old time country, blues, jazz, and 70’s soul to progressive and alternative rock.  He claims his lyrical style was heavily influenced by the Irish “stream of conscience” writer James Joyce, as well as Leonard Cohen.  Needless to say this makes for an electrifying sound that is both evocative and fresh.
The aggressive acoustic guitar underscores a voice that ranges from a grungy blues snarl straight into a silky smooth falsetto on original, somewhat cryptic songs that cover emotional subjects such as death, spiritual and psychological issues, substance abuse and social injustice.  Regardless of his lyrical intentions, each audience member can hear an echo of their own perspective in his voice.  His lyrical style allows listeners to draw their own conclusion.
George's musical education began early.  By the age of seven, he was playing guitar under the watchful eye of his mother, a country singer from Texas.  She introduced him to the greats of that genre including Hank Williams and Patsy Cline.
However, her love for great music would not allow her to leave it at that.  She rounded out his early listening years with many of the blues and jazz greats as well.  With such an early education of music comprehension, George's sense of musicianship and eye for detail seemed inevitable.
The next major musical influence came from the Seattle scene of the 90s where he played the dives and hidden venues alongside the “grunge pioneers” that are now legends gone by.  Over the years, George has been constantly forging new ideas with the diverse foundations of his past.